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Landscape Concept Plan

Landscape Concept Plan

Garden Design Process with Lazar Landscape
If you’ve admired a garden design over time, you know that great gardens don’t happen overnight. From the smallest container garden to a full-scale garden transformation, great outdoor spaces start with great design. Whether you require simple planting plans or detailed structural hardscape plans, our designers are ready to work with you to understand your goals and aesthetics, and use our education and experience to carefully plan your project.

The following is an overview of our design process.

Phone Consultation. If you are interested in garden design or our design process, please feel free to contact us. We will determine who is your best contact based on the scope of your project, and speak with you about any element of your garden project – from goals and timelines, to budget and garden preferences.

Start Planning Your Garden! Please take a moment to fill out our garden design questionnaire. You can do this before or after our phone consultation. Think of it as a thought-gathering document that will help us understand your goals, ideas, and design aesthetic.

First Meeting. Our phone consultation allows us to determine if we could be a good fit to work together. If so, our next step is to set up a consultation meeting at your home. During this meeting, we’ll discuss what is working in your garden, and what you’d like to change. We’ll have preliminary suggestions about spatial arrangements, design elements, safety issues and any special considerations that may be specific to your site.

Design Phase. If we are indeed a good fit, we will move into the garden design phase, which is divided into different elements:

  • Site Analysis:

Your designer will spend a little more time with you to revisit the scope of your project. A survey is conducted of your site at this time, which includes measurements of the area to be designed, photographs, and an assessment of elevation changes and key property features. Upon completion, we’ll develop a base plan (an accurate map of your existing site).

  • Concept Designs and Rough Numbers:

The Concept Phase is where the fun really begins. At our garden design concept meeting, we’ll present you with 1 – 3 conceptual drawings of your new garden that explore the potential of your space while taking your budget into consideration. We rarely meet people with unlimited budgets. Our goal is to design the garden of your dreams within the budget of your reality. The beauty of working with a design and build firm is that we constantly have our eyes on both of these categories in the design process.

sample concept plan

  • Final Design with Fixed Cost Proposal:

The concept phase explores design options and costs. For the Final Design, we use your feedback from our concept meeting to hone those options into final presentation drawings. These are dimensioned, detailed plans which our crews can use to execute the project. We estimate each line item in precise detail and present you with a fixed-cost proposal during our final meeting. From this point, final decisions are made on the scope of your project, and it is ready to move into construction. See the ‘Build’ drop-down under ‘Who We Are’ to find out more about building your project.

sample construction plans