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Construction Process

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The second phase of our design-build approach is the construction phase. The construction contract is based on the line items you select from your final proposal and construction documents. If you have detailed plans from which we are able to provide an accurate proposal we can also give you a bid for your project, even if we did not complete the design.

Prior to the start of your construction project, your designer and project manager discuss the entire project scope and agreed upon contract and review specific details regarding your residence, including your specific requests and concerns. At our pre-construction kick-off meeting, you’ll be introduced to your project manager, who will be with you for your entire project to ensure things run smoothly.

Because we are a design-build company, we keep our finger on the pulse of your project. Your designer and project manager communicate daily about your project and its progress. While it doesn’t happen often, if changes need to be made to your design, we handle it seamlessly. We pride ourselves on completing landscape construction jobs to the highest residential construction standards and practices, as well as the standards of your designer.

As amazing as your garden transformation will be, we do recognize that it’s disruptive and can be stressful. We know that communication is the key to ensuring your construction project runs smoothly and we are committed to making sure the construction process is as enjoyable as your new garden.

A crew will be assigned to your project – and will be on site each weekday from 7.30 am until about 3.30 pm, unless you request an alternate start time. A crew typically consists of a foreman, a keyman, and two crewmembers, all of whom are skilled craftsmen. We’re proud to provide living wages and healthcare to all of our employees. It allows us to keep skilled craftsmen on staff to ensure the quality and value of your project.

A construction site can be a dangerous place, but since we are working at your home we want to ensure your safety and leave your site clean and safe each day during construction. While working at your residence our crew members follow all construction safety standards on the job site. We also carry workers comp and liability insurance and can add you as additionally insured on our policy if requested.

Included in our construction contract are valuable warranties. 90 days after your installation is complete your designer will visit the garden to check on the progress of the installation. After, your construction crew will be scheduled to return and replace any plants that did not survive. They also check and set the irrigation system again for optimal performance.

We also provide a one year warranty on all hardscape, carpentry and irrigation. With over 30 years of experience creating and maintaining beautiful gardens you can be assured we will be here for you whenever you call.

Landscape Contractor License #436264